The best meal I’ve ever had? Maybe! Faroe Islands, Glasstovan in Hotel Føroyar

Fine dining on the Faroe Islands

What can be better than an excellent meal in a quiet, elegant restaurant, with candles glowing and the feeling of winter contentment that is so characteristic of Nordic countries?

This was my first meal at Hotel Føroyar, and I am so very glad I went.

Was it the best meal of my life? Could be.

Glasstovan Restaurant, Hotel Føroyar, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Useful websites

Hotel Føroyar The hotel’s website has details of the Glasstovan restaurant, lunch and dinner menus, as well as the wine menu, and some inviting pictures of the unspoiled Faroes scenery.

Visit Faroe Islands is the official tourism website.

The Faroe Islands Podcast, produced by Matthew Workman in the U.S.A., with help from Faroese friends, brings Faroese culture to your computer or iPod. Here is an interview they did with the Glasstovan chef and aired around the time of my visit. Podcast 71: “Dinner is Served”, an interview with Leif Sørensen.

I ate another fine dinner at Glasstovan a couple of nights later, with lots of company and wine paired with each course, from the well-stocked cellar.


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