The mystery of the orange tent in Helsinki (1 picture)

Yesterday I posted this picture and asked if you know what’s inside. I thought it was one of those tents the workers put over manholes in the winter or during rain so they can do their work without also having … Continue reading

Helsinki Harbour and Old Market, January 19, 2012 (5 pictures)

When I decided to go to Helsinki, I had never been there before, and (to the shock of all my travel writer friends) I did no research beforehand, other than some minimal stuff to get a hotel and figure out … Continue reading

Helsinki in January: The Esplanade (1 picture)

Woman walking away, Esplanade, formal park in Helsinki, in winter. Lots of snow.

  Helsinki, Finland, January 19, 2012. Photo by Jill Browne. In the old part of Helsinki there is an elegant formal park called the Esplanade. Even in the middle of a snowy winter, people promenade there, after a fashion. The … Continue reading