September 11: Adventure-a-Day #11

On September 10, 2001 I woke up in a panic from a terrible nightmare of planes crashing into buildings in New York and Los Angeles. We all know what happened on September 11.

a view downslope of green trees with boughs like spruces, green grass, grey sky and the top of a red tower behind the trees

Peaceful Richmond Park
(Photo credit Jill Browne)
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The dream has always bothered me, not because I want to make a claim of being psychic, but because I wonder: was it just a coincidence (most likely) or is there an evil so powerful it can reach our dreams?

Much of the good in the western world was tainted by the terrorist acts of September 11th. Any tendency toward xenophobia and fear of the unknown stranger was amplified by the reality of the nightmare coming true.

The cure for fear is knowledge. Travel plays an important role in developing and sharing knowledge of how others live, what they believe, what we can trust, and what we should beware of. In today’s globalized world, we can learn a lot of those things by walking down our own streets and listening to the people we meet along the way.

I can’t mark this September 11th with a lighthearted tale of travel adventures. Instead, I’ll think of all the people living today who were hurt by September 11th, and hope that the rest of their lives will be peaceful and fulfilling.


This is my standard form of disclosure that I am retroactively adding to all blog posts done before April 1, 2018, and will add to all new posts.

1. Is this experience open to the public?


2. Who paid the cost of me doing this?

I did.

3. Did I get any compensation or special consideration for writing this blog post?


4. Would I be as positive about this place if I had gone as a regular visitor?

Yes. I did go as a regular visitor.



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  • Reply
    Susan Wright
    September 11, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    “The cure for fear is knowledge”. A perfect tribute to this day. Thank you Jill.

  • Reply
    Karin-Marijke Vis
    September 19, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Strong post Jill. Wise words.cThanks for sharing.

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