Across Westminster Bridge and Up the London Eye: Adventure-a-Day #30

I liked going on the London Eye. Except when looking down. Easily cured, just look straight out! Great photo opps. Here’s our stroll from Westminster Tube Station to the London Eye, up and down the Eye, and then a few London fruit bats for good measure.

You can view these pictures as a slide show (with larger photos) by clicking on any picture to start. I find a single click on the first picture works.

Disclosure: I had this adventure on Hallowe’en. The bats were tangible and as shown in the photo but they were put there by human hands and were made of rubber and plastic. I paid for my own Eye ticket and everything it took to get there. I rode the Eye without screaming or fainting, though it was a close call the first time I looked down. First rule of the Eye: look straight ahead and you’ll be fine.


More disclosure


This is my standard form of disclosure that I am retroactively adding to all blog posts done before April 1, 2018, and will add to all new posts.

1. Is this experience open to the public?


2. Who paid the cost of me doing this?

I did.

3. Did I get any compensation or special consideration for writing this blog post?


4. Would I be as positive about this place if I had gone as a regular visitor?

Yes. I did go as a regular visitor.



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    February 1, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Jill, it seems like typical British weather, about 15 years ago I rode for the first and only time on the eye. I was quite thrilled at the prospect of seeing London and its outer reaches from a height of 135 metres or 443 feet (then the tallest Ferris wheel in the world). But as usual the weather closed in and it seemed that I was watching the scene through a traditional ‘pea souper’. But the adventure was not diminished by the cloud and slight drizzle.

    It can be said that the Eye has done for London what the Eifel Tower has done for Paris, it is a must see landmark which has had a number of monikers in its 15 year life span. It’s original sobriquet was the British Airways London Eye but now it has transformed itself into the Coca-Cola London Eye (I suppose I had better make it clear that Coca-ColaTM is a trade mark of the Coca-Cola company. I don’t want ravenous American corporate lawyers on my case!)

    The modernist wheel is complimented by its near neighbour the neo-classical HQ of the now defunct London County Council.
    For tourists the Eye is certainly worth a ride.

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