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What day is it anyway?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Where am I?

Calgary (home)


Warm, sunny, nice summer day.

What I did in my non-blogging life

Last night The Geologist returned from a multi-day hike in the mountains with a friend. The weather was spectacular. Glad to hear it. He and I went to that same mountain in the Jurassic period, before children, and it was so foggy we saw nothing. We have no pictures because why waste film on fog?

The main thing I remember about that hike way back then was that I was in fantastic shape. I’ve never felt as good walking up a mountain as I did then.

Reading The Old Ways still

Today in The Old Ways, Robert Mcfarlane goes away from the land and onto the water, talking about the aquatic equivalent of paths and trails and highways.

I have to say that while I would love to do the walks he describes on land, I am somewhat nervous about the jiggling, sucking quicksand to Foulness, and even more so about sailing. I took a sailing lesson once and have never felt less competent at anything in my life.

Well, actually, I have felt less competent at a lot of things in my life, but only sailing made me feel incompetent and inches away from death by drowning at the same time.

Which, by the way, is rather a stupid fear because I’m a good swimmer. I think it’s the embarrassment of falling out of a boat (or whatever happens when you totally screw up at sailing) that held me back.

What I did in my blogging life

Tried in vain to make a video but got distracted. I am very easily distracted.

Went for a walk yesterday and I guess I thought that was enough. I don’t remember actually deciding that but FitBit tells me I walked <cough> 878 steps <cough> over the course of the day. Well, that was such a cause for celebration that we went out for dinner.

Yes, I know, but who’s counting.

My Instagram picture a couple of days ago was the door to the Church of St Clara (that’s the English spelling; Swedish is Santa Klara) in Stockholm. I was lucky to get there when the church was open and even better, the musicians were practicing, including a divine cellist playing a divine cello. Well, the result was divine so I assume both musician and instrument were equal contributors to that result.

My Instagram picture today was a sculpture from Stockholm, a girl playing with a frog. The sculpture is called Grodan, so I think that’s the girl’s name. It’s in a square in Stockholm where I waited to meet friends I hadn’t seen for over 25 years. When I saw her again, we just hugged each other until we were convinced it was really happening.

And Grodan is wearing hand-crocheted wristbands.

Vanity Plate from New Zealand: RAISAR

RAISAR, a vanity plate from New Zealand. I have a growing collection of vanity plates on my website, motrlt.com

RAISAR, a vanity plate from New Zealand. I wonder if this is someone’s name (Raisa R.?) or just someone who’s really into shaving but RAZOR was already taken.


This is my standard form of disclosure that I am retroactively adding to all blog posts done before April 1, 2018, and will add to all new posts.

1. Is this experience open to the public?


2. Who paid the cost of me doing this?

I did.

3. Did I get any compensation or special consideration for writing this blog post?


4. Would I be as positive about this place if I had gone as a regular visitor?

Yes. I did go as a regular visitor.


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